Paul Dutton

Written by Paul Dutton
6th June 2014

Smile in Pink for Bridge2Aid


I’d been looking for a charity for us to be involved with for some time. Choosing the right charity was really important as I didn’t want it to be purely for CSR kudos, or a feel good factor. It had to be so much more than that, we wanted to be involved with a charity that made a real difference.

I was introduced to Mark and Shaenna of Bridge2Aid by Patrick Allen back end of 2013, their enthusiasm and commitment was infectious, they were making that real difference I was looking for. I immediately knew this was the charity I wanted to be part of and I knew the team at OneSG would also love to be involved.

We became a Bronze Unity Partner in October 2013, it’s not as big a contribution as I’d like us to make but we are still a small company and I’ve made a commitment that as we grow so will our support.

I’m inspired by Mark and the team and I think we could all learn something from the compassion, commitment and dedication they show to changing people’s lives.

Happy “Smile in Pink for Bridge2Aid” day!

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