Hannah Morgan

Written by Hannah Morgan
18th February 2015

Scenario #1

We regularly see the challenges dental practice owners and teams face with regards to HR and Health & Safety and we want to help!

Over the coming months we are going to publish a number of scenarios (some real life experiences!) with answers/potential outcomes then being shared every 2 weeks.

Get involved, let us know your thoughts, what you would or wouldn’t do. Email me us at support@onesg.co.uk

Scenario #1

Robert, the Practice Owner, has been aware of an undercurrent between Diane, his Practice Manager, and Louise, his Head Nurse, for a sometime. Diane is Louise’s line manager. The tension between them has been making for a very bad atmosphere at his practice and everyone there has been affected. A patient had recently commented to him that she witnessed an argument between Diane and Louise whilst she was in the waiting room. It all blew up recently when Louise went to see Robert and said that she could not work with Diane any more. Louise said that Diane was undermining her and was not taking notice of her work proposals. Louise then went off on long-term sick with ‘stress at work’.

Robert cannot afford to lose Louise; her clinical skills are in demand in the local area, so replacing her would be difficult. But nor does he want to undermine Diane. Diane is a good manager and her practice management skills are an asset to him. Robert wants to keep both members of staff but also wants this situation resolved as quickly as possible.

What options does Robert have to deal with this situation?

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