Sam Waley-Cohen - CEO

“OneSG has made the difference. Highly professional, competent and personable they have helped provide the foundation for our business to flourish.”

Gary Chapman, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions added “I cannot praise the enormous amount of information that we get from OneSG prior to us finally ‘pressing the button’, so to speak when acquiring the practice. The financial due diligence that they perform is second to none and I would strongly encourage any potential vendor to engage the services of OneSG to assist with the acquisition process. This without doubt gives the banks/lenders a huge amount of comfort due to the robustness of the report.

OneSG’s support services modules of accountancy, Health & Safety, HR and IT also supports any clinician or aspiring entrepreneur that wants to relieve themselves of the administrative burden that now haunts the dental profession, in my opinion they bring science to the running of a practice. Just as important, they are a great team and a pleasure to work with.”

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