Paul Dutton

Written by Paul Dutton
28th November 2014

Meet OneSG’s H&S Manager – Rhys Jones

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I started off with a keen interest in design and went to Sheffield University to study, but due to circumstantial events ended up moving back to Cardiff to work for Solicitors firm in the Facilities department. It was here that I was first introduced to the world of Health & Safety and where I realised that I could combine my interests in design along with my organisational skills to turn an often frowned upon subject into something more acceptable and easier to digest. An opportunity then presented itself to join James Hull Dental Corporate and assist with Health & Safety Compliance across the group. This soon allowed me to focus my Health & Safety specifically to the Dental sector where over the course of 3 years I built a firm understanding of the requirements and what was needed to support dentists from an H&S perspective. This then led me to joining OneSG to head up their Health & Safety department, supporting their clients and providing them with an outsider’s perspective towards compliance.

What’s your role at OneSG?

As mentioned, my role is to support clients of OneSG from a compliance point of view, carrying out audits, risk assessments and implementing policies and procedures to ensure that they have anything in place to be compliant with the relevant rules and regulations. The role is not to critique, but to assist and manage all areas of non-compliance so that should the clients be inspected by an external body such as the CQC, then they will be comfortable in the feeling that they have everything in place to get through the inspection efficiently and without reason for concern.

What does a typical day look like?

A typical day will consist of report generating, trend analysis and liaising with various suppliers and contractors in order to put the necessary control measures and support regimes in place. It can range from attending site and carrying out a physical assessment of the premises looking at areas such as Fire, Radiation or Disability Access, to negotiating contracts with suppliers to provide the clients with most effective service that is available to them. It also involves a great deal of policy review, cross checking that what is in place is up to date with the current laws and then implementing or updating any missing or out of date documents, and then training staff on these to ensure learning and understanding is achieved throughout the practice.

What do you like about working at OneSG?

OneSG brings a lot of challenges to the role, by working with various clients rather than being in-house for one individual organisation you get to experience a lot of different ways of working and have to adapt to suit each individual way. The company itself is very ambitious and is built on a good team ethos, with each and every employee encouraged to contribute and bring on board their own ideas and visions. The common hierarchy that is associated with larger businesses seems to be frowned upon with everyone being treated as equals which has resulted in a very enjoyable working environment, which has subsequently produced high morale and a very good work ethic.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

My spare time is spent with my son, trying to persuade him to play rugby but unfortunately failing in my attempts for him to be the next No.8 for Wales. Outside of that, I play squash weekly which is my justification for then lounging in front of various box sets such as the Walking Dead and Banshee.

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