Ghite Bhavra - Owner/Principal Dentist

“Being a busy clinician working from several locations, I needed someone to take control of managing my specialist orthodontic practice. My partner in Harborough Orthodontics, Kiran Hanji, introduced me to OneSG. Kiran owns several dental practices and all are being run using expert advice given by OneSG.

It is over two years that I have employed this company and have been delighted with their services. My first meeting with Paul Dutton, M.D., was a brief introduction of the company, listening to my problems of day-to-day running of my practice and the four modules that they could offer to alleviate my anxieties. Paul helped manage not only the facilities but also assisted in the practice becoming CQC compliant. He always found the most competitive suppliers for materials, practice insurances and additional services. He now also looks after my other ventures.

Mark Thomas, Executive Director, deals with all my practice financial affairs, audits, performer KPI’s, paying suppliers and performers and keeps me up to date with the general financial situation of the practice.

Hannah Morgan, HR manager, together with Mark, manages staff affairs, which includes contracts, pay rolls, appraisals and personal development plans.

Nigel McDonald manages the IT and runs bespoke audits, including patient’s satisfaction survey.

To conclude, OneSG has taken away much of my stress by introducing me to services tailored to serve my needs. Their fees are very competitive and they also work mostly offsite.

In today’s world, with the additional requirements, such as complying GDC legislation & regulations, commissioning services, CQC, I endorse OneSG’s services”

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