Paul Dutton

Written by Paul Dutton
28th November 2014

Dentinal Tubules

If you haven’t heard of Dentinal Tubules, I’m sure it won’t be too long before you do (and you need to get out more!).

Through Dhru Shah’s passion, commitment and hard work Dentinal Tubules have created as Dhru so eloquently puts it “a learning portal for all things dentistry” and I’m absolutely delighted to announce that OneSG and Dentinal Tubules have become strategic partners.

I initially spoke with Dhru some 3 or so years ago but at that time it didn’t get off the ground. As I said to Dhru when we recently spoke, this was completely my fault. Dhru was in concept stage, we were still in our infancy and my focus then was purely on growing the business.

As our business has grown and evolved I’m always considering ways in which we can enhance and improve our service offering to our clients. Knowledge sharing and personal development are core fundamentals of our business and I had a vision to setup a forum and online CPD portal for the dental community.

I was then reintroduced to Dhru through Patrick Allen of Henry Schein (I’ve met some good guys in dentistry and Patrick is certainly one of those). Dhru and I spoke about where our businesses now were and we quickly came to the conclusion that our ethos and philosophies were very similar. We are both focussed on how we can help practices improve through training, support, development and education.

After seeing what Dhru had already achieved and his plans for the future it became a complete no brainer for me to shelve my grand plans and work with Dhru. As you will see, there is a link on our website to, membership is free but if you’re interested in premium membership speak to us as we benefit from a preferential rate.

Dhru does an amazing job, he’s phenomenally committed to supporting dentistry so take a look and enjoy the website!

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